Code Connect

A smarter way to explore and understand software

Unravel complex code

Visualize and explore relationships within your code. Navigate the callstack to quickly understand how your code works.

Enjoy development

Reduce the mental overhead associated with large projects and focus on the creative elements of software design.

Unlimited project size

Code Connect works with C# projects of any size and complexity. If it works in Visual Studio, it works in Code Connect.


Right Mode

Visualize the call stack at design time. Read code in the same order your computer will execute it.

Navigate effortlessly

Use your keyboard or mouse to navigate up and down the call stack during development.

ALT highlighting

Hold ALT to visualize the relationships between functions, so you can understand exactly how your software works.

Left Mode

Left mode displays all calling methods to the left of the current method. It’s perfect for refactoring and tracking down bugs.

Spend less time searching

Instead of searching for references one-at-a-time, use Code Connect to find and display all references to the current method.

Powerful for Refactoring

Left mode makes it easy to refactor code. Watch how we used Code Connect to implement the async-await pattern:

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See for yourself

Refactoring with Code Connect

Watch Josh implement the async-await pattern with Code Connect.

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How to use Code Connect.

A basic walkthrough of Code Connect and its keyboard shortcuts.

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